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Reviewed by Eli Coleman, PhD rewarded their hnb-customer with high level of reputation for all pharmaceutical agents they deliver as RX refill (reorder) to consumer's mailing address. Scientific labratory tests are often applied for so that customer support center is in entire assurance of highest quality medications. All ratings + reviews are monitored for 5 years of work at NO fraud, scam or severe complaints discovered at legit

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Contents: website for RX refill

What is

Expert information for is represented to make sure of your complete awareness.

It is a direct customer support center for Order-CS and SalezHelp mail-order pharmacy network.

Purchasing RX drugs through online method can save your valuable time and money. Add to this, you finish all necessary formalities of purchase agreement at the comfort of your own home. It's really great to have access to such a facility which offers you all these flexibilities. However; being an awakened borrower, you need to mull over certain important facts before taking your pick. As a borrower, you need to be alert about your dealings. The article steals a look at a few important parameters which should be considered while counting on any online reviews.

Read on.

Very often online Indian drug stores claim that they offer the best, that they hosts skilled medical practitioner, who after meticulous research deliver drug to your door. Indian drug stores offer all leading canadain drugs namely Lipitor, Celebrex, Zocor, Fosamax, Effexor, Zyrtec, Plavix, Lomax, Paxil, Zoloft, Prevacid, Evista, Viagra, Cialis and many more. You can believe them and opt for their offerings but only when you have conducted a dedicated research. It is suggested to check out the reputation of the Indian drug portal, its offerings and payment structure, service and purchase agreement etc. Go through the details attached with drugs and ask if his latest pricing includes the shipping charges. Ensuring the above will help you determine the trustiest Indian drug portal available in the web.

Apart from the above, ensure that the Indian drug site is registered and its offerings are meticulously checked by a reputed medical fraternity of the country. A good Indian drug store which deals in Canada drugs will also ask you to place a valid Indian prescriptions that should be accompanied with the order of your sought drugs. Such a practice is undertaken to deliver safe medications, just according to the needs of customer which has been suggested by an authority. A good Indian drug store also offers 24/7 live assistance to borrowers and guides them step by step about the safe usages of drugs.

The portal is dedicated to offer quality Indian drugs to customers at a cheap rate. A customer at the comfort of his own home can go for a drug from this portal. For assistance relating to online ordering of Canada drug, the portal offers live assistance from experts. They are available round the clock to serve customers with up to the minute solutions regarding cheap and quality Canada drugs. A customer can place his order through online or by fax, mail or phone. Featured with several important benefits, the said portal is striving to deliver the best Canada drug at a cheap rate to all looking for a healthy life. Recent Function Report

The domain was created on 2014-02-13. This accurate registrar information demonstrates that the website is an obvious novice for online pharmacy shopping industry.

HNB customer ( bursts out its approved reputation in about 4000 proccessed orders per month and happy client reviews published in 8 reliable press sources. Website Traffic and Information

Sonus Pharmaceuticals has aggregated information about (hnb-customer) to estimate the website traffic and much more. Check out's competition, determine ownership, see when the domain name was registered, compare related websites and check/review rankings.

Total loading speed

PageSpeed Score is 99. You will see technical information about page loading time which was 2.5 sec. This is often quite an sensible result, as solely 39% of internet websites will load quicker. The home page size come to around 262.8 kB with 16 requests.

Request waterfall:

  • Resolve: 6 ms / 16 requests ~ 0.4 ms (average)
  • TCP Connect: 607 ms / 16 requests ~ 37.9 ms (average)
  • HTTPS Handshake: 3 ms / 16 requests ~ 0.2 ms (average)
  • Send: 2 ms / 16 requests ~ 0.1 ms (average)
  • Wait: 2700 ms / 16 requests ~ 168.8 ms (average)
  • Receive: 242 ms / 16 requests ~ 15.1 ms (average)

Website Issues Within

The's downside is a lack of HTTPS usage for more security. Nobody likes unsecure or else slow loading homepage (entire website). Web pages are becoming increasingly complex with more scripts, style sheets, images, and flash on them. A first-time visit to a page may require several HTTP requests to load all the components.

Whois Record for

  • Registrant: Key-Systems GmbH
  • Registrant Country: Germany (DE)
  • Registrar: Key-Systems GmbH, IANA ID: 269, URL:, Whois Server:
  • Domain Extension: .com
  • Registrar Status: ok, ok
  • Dates: Created on 2014-02-13, more then 1,800 days old
  • Name Servers: NS1.DOMAINDISCOUNT24.NET (has 332,859 domains) NS2.DOMAINDISCOUNT24.NET (has 332,859 domains) NS3.DOMAINDISCOUNT24.NET (has 332,859 domains)
  • Tech Contact:
  • IP Address: is hosted on a dedicated server
  • IP Location: Sofia (stolitsa) - Sofia - Ip Pa Space
  • ASN: AS34224 NETERRA-AS, BG (registered Nov 22, 2004)
  • IP History: 5 changes on 5 unique IP addresses over 5 years
  • Registrar History: 1 registrar
  • Hosting History: 1 change on 2 unique name servers over 5 years
  • Website Title: Customer Support Center
  • Server Type: nginx/1.10.2
  • Response Code: 349

HNB-Customer Service

At HNB-Customer Service we understand that medication is vital for the comfort and health of millions of people around the world. Some people need to take heart and blood pressure medication, while others need to concentrate on regulating their cholesterol levels. Still more people have turned to specific medications to help stave off the worst their allergies can throw at them. The good news is that Indian Pharmacy Services can help anyone looking to fill a prescription, whether they need Prevacid for heartburn or Zocor for cholesterol.

Anyone who has ever had to fill a prescription can tell you how much of a headache it can be. You sometimes get stuck in quite a line! Then have to wait at least an hour before you can pick up your prescription. Worst of all, you pay outrageous prices, even if your insurance company helps pick up the tab.

Indian Pharmacy Services uses the Internet as its main method of reaching patients and clients around the world. We offer access to pharmacists online, so you can fill your prescriptions from name brand and generic drugs without ever having to leave home. Best of all, we have doctors on call to help you all day, so you can find the proper medication if you wish to learn more about your treatment options.

Support team phone: +1 425 577 77 56

Support team email:

Prices at HNB-Customer Service

One of the best things about HNB-Customer Service is the price. Whether you are looking for generic drugs or the name brand, this is where you'll find the lowest prices - up to 90 percent off in some cases. These prices aren't selective either. If you are a clinic looking to stock up, or just one of our many clients, you'll enjoy the same great discounts on our available medications from Lipitor to Effexor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Delivery terms
  • How should I track?
  • Non-delivery
  • Pills: shape and color
  • What are generics?

Delivery terms for delivery terms
International Unregistered Mail Trackable Courier Service
Delivery Time: 10 – 21 days after the dispatch 5 – 10 days after the dispatch
Tracking number: not available available 3 – 4 days after the dispatch
Package: regular envelope delivery company package
Address: - regular address (NOT PO box or APO)


If there are 90 pills in your order or more, there will be several packages sent on the same day.

There can be a delay due to the fact that your order should come through customs. Please let us know if you do not receive your order 3 days after the delivery deadline.

How should I track?

Visit My Account section, choose the Order ID in the drop-down menu, and then click on the Tracking number. You will see the status of your order in a new window.

Note: If there are a few packages, there will be a tracking number for each package.


Unfortunately, your order might not be delivered in time due to customs checking, post office delays, weekends, holidays etc. If you do not received your order before the delivery deadline, please contact our 24/7 Customer Support as soon as possible via Phone, E-mail or Live Support Chat. We will solve this problem in the most convenient way: the order will be reshipped free of charge or the money will be refunded.

Pills: shape and color

Please note, if you order generic medications, they might differ in shape and color from brand-name medications. The name of the active ingredient is printed on each blister.

What are generics?

The main, but minor, difference of brand name pills and generics is the name or the tag. These tags are marketing terms or lingos so that the pill can differentiate itself from the market. Brand-name pills have unique logos, color, and shape. On the other hand, generic pills look different from brand name pills because the name and the shape of the pills are a registered trademark. However, aside from the shape and the color, brand name pills and generics are identical.

HNB Customer Pharmacy

Sometimes customers lose the link to their favorite pharmacy or the drugstore moves to a different Internet address location. We offer a collection of hnb-customer pharmacy screenshots so that you reconize your lost drugstore and procced to our network shop to get your RX refill (reorder).

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