Order-cs.com: Is it safe legit or fake? Website Review for 2019.

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Reviewed by Eli Coleman, PhD

Order-cs.com is reliable safe and legit, not fake for your reorder as customer support center where you will definitely be notified by our customer care team. Ratings reach 5 stars owing to expert group of MDs who are available online with client care email: support@order-cs.com and doctor chat. They provide non scam analyzed help for www.order-cs.com (Order-CS) for OTC Viagra, Cialis and more drugs without majority of consumer complaints.

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order-cs.com reorder website
Order-cs.com reorder website

What is order-cs.com?

Order-cs.com is an online customer support center seeing your order or reorder processed with all power of modern technology honoring accreditation with CIPA, IPABC and PharmacyChecker. Online pharmacy support is no doubt has many advantages and is also a convenient source for purchasing the desired drugs online, but this can be the best one if reviewed on the site and read the instructions carefully before taking the next step.

Is order-cs.com safe and legit?

All Internet pharmacies including customer support center connected with order-cs.com outside the country follow these standards and hence can be recognized as safe and legit. These exclude the risks of contamination, counterfeit, sub-potency and super potency. Hence an individual needs to make sure whether the online pharmacy he has chosen is licensed and that physical address and the telephone number are the valid ones.

Most of the online pharmacy does not require a prescription, in such cases, there may be risks involved with the health of the individual if he continues with such pharmacies. In such cases, the doctor calls up and then writes the prescription accordingly, but this can also prove fatal as the doctor is not aware with the health record neither he examines the patient personally to order cs com Viagra.

After the research is done on the online pharmacy and once satisfied with the results then it is better to get clear about the policy and the terms and conditions of that particular pharmacy. That selected online pharmacy should completely protect the personal information and private transactions. In other words, an online pharmacy can be utilized in a safer way if an individual follows the safety methods.

In order to be sure of the safety of the medications, the FDA imposed some requirements and standards. Thus all the drugs: are clinically tested and are ensured that they have more of the benefits than the side effects. Only when the drug is approved by them and sold.

Order-cs.com website technical information

Order-cs.com adds up to the number of online pharmacy customer support that claims to offer the best modern technology. They make many claims, including being reliable to clients, which is the case.

Domain Name: order-cs.com

Order-cs.com was initially registered in November 2010 and later updated in September 2018. If you happened not to recognize, the age of the domain of an internet site plays a good role in crucial trustworthy power. A 10-year old domain name could suggest that the owners provide good services, that’s why they’re still in the industry. A 10-year old website might counsel that the owners give sensible services, that’s why they’re still within the trade. With eight years within the business, order-cs.com will simply be confident service.

  • Registration Date: 2010-11-03
  • Owner Country: Cyprus
  • Contact Information: hidden

Order-cs.com Business Information

  • Name: Order-cs.com Customer Support Center
  • Address: Avendale Limited PC, Ciprus, Nicosia, Argios 26, 3d floor, office 304
  • Phone Numbers: +44-2036081340 +1-877-888-9761
  • Email: support@order-cs.com
  • Working Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Languages Spoken: English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Svenska, Português, 日本人, Dansk, Norsk, Suomi, Nederlands, ελληνικά, Czech
  • Live-Chat: Yes

This pharmacy is registered under the business name: Avendale Limited PC. This is Cyprus based company. It is associated with other great pharmacies. Www.order-cs.com has high chances of being a reliable pharmacy.

Order-cs.com Shipping Options

  • Regular Mail: Yes
  • Courier Mail: Yes
  • Tracking Number: Yes
  • Free Shipping: Yes

Payments Methods for Order-cs.com

  • Bank Card: Yes
  • E-Checks: Yes
  • Bitcoin: Yes

Order-cs.com Location

Analyzing Order-cs.com as the online business on ScamAdviser.com revealed that the website has got Ireland headquarters. They do this to clever and intelligent people, so that their original location can be easily spotted, and that they are seen as a trustworthy approved online pharmacy, just because they use the name https://www.order-cs.com. This is an honorable action of most unique online pharmacies today.

order-cs.com location
Order-cs.com location of website

Order-cs.com Usability

It is getting closer to investigate throughout user experience now. When a group of people pays a visit to the site it reveals its speed on both phone and desktop versions higher than moderate. We established this after visiting the website using phones and desktops separators.

The content, textual style of the site is decipherable for the work area, however, is not fulfilled discernible to a mobile phone client. There's additionally a search button that facilitates things further.

Order-CS Service

Order-CS Service for our customers is available round-the-clock and easy-to-use. Clients can use forms to obtain all necessary information regarding reorders (RX refill) or get a new order using majour credit card provider.

Online system provides smart and effective assistance to deal with any problems the Customer may meet with using our Service. If you need any help with your order, do not hesitate contacting our Live Support Center or contact us through our Feedback Form, or by phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Shipping methods?

We offer all possible shipping methods for your best choice. We provide International Unregistered Airmail and Trackable Courier.

Depending on the shipping service you choose, the delivery terms vary. International Unregistered Airmail takes up to 21 days, as the tracking number is not available the order can NOT be tracked.

The packages sent by Trackable Courier Service can be tracked by the tracking number and will take up to 14 days to deliver. Tracking number for EMS starts working within 4 business days after the order is shipped.

Parcel appearance?

We understand that your confidentiality and anonymity is important when you place an order online with us. That's why our orders are sent in discreet looking packages without any information of the contents on the outside of the package. Please note that if there are 100 or even more pills in your order, the order will be sent in several packages.


If the parcel does not arrive within 30 days, you should contact your local postal office. If they confirm that the parcel has not been delivered, we will reship the order FREE of charge for you.

Account management?

We give our customers the opportunity to manage their accounts, where they can make changes in shipping address. Within 24 hours before the purchase has been made the customer can make order cancelation. If the order has been already approved or shipped we cannot accept any account changes and order cancellation. You can contact our support team by phone or e-mail and let them know of your decision.


We estimate our loyal customers very much, therefore our Refilled Customers are provided with 10% discount coupon for the second and farther purchases. Your 10% Discount Coupon is activated when you make purchase, simple add the discount coupon number on the payment page. Your discount number will be automatically added and you can find it inside your account.

Our company aims to develop the service, benefit our customers with different bonuses and always try to find the best solution for you!

Refund Policy

Order Cancellation Policy

You can only cancel an order before it has been dispatched. Please, notice that we accept order cancellations ONLY within 24 hours after order submitting. If you wish to cancel the order you have to contact our support team by phone or e-mail and let them know of your decision. If the order has been already approved or shipped we cannot accept order cancellation.

Refund and Return Policy

We guarantee the medications we offer are the same chemically and have the same medical effect as the brand ones. Please consult your doctor prior to buying drug and read carefully the information about it. If you have any doubts and need more information, please do not buy it. You are always welcome to contact us before you submit your order to get more details.

Make sure that you insert a valid shipping address in the order form, as any mistake may cause non-delivery of ordered products. In case you provide an incorrect address to us, and you were unable to receive your order because we have shipped your order to this wrong address provided by you, no refunds the customs checking will be given. We recommend you to double check the notes before submitting the order. If you noticed that the address was specified incorrectly, contact us as soon as possible to inform of the matter.

In case of not satisfying with the effect of our product, we will give you the return address where you can send the parcel during 30 days. After we get the parcel, the refund procedure starts.

Order-cs.com Pharmacy

Order-cs.com pharmacy links (websites, domain names) often get lost from global online space. Competitors try to balance the medical market to get better status in pricewise way. If you happen to find yourself on this page - you are looking to locate a mail-order pharmacy you purchased medicine before. We offer to view all order-cs.com examples for you to recognize your drugstore and reorder.

Www.order-cs.com Recent Testimonials

These medicines are also available through online pharmacy which really helps people to save their valuable time and also money.

Maria Lopes, Texas

In reply to your message you are supposed to get an automatic message from the support team e-mail address notifying you that your message was received. A support operator will reply to your inquiry within the shortest time possible.

John Mattias, California

Order-Cs.com sent me my order and later my 1 refund. I had to take steps through my credit card to get my money back. A real good service, they told me anything to assist this current second. Very excellent experience of big puzzles and time and a gain of saved money. Try it to the highest degree ... you will be happy!

Larry Cusio, Florida

Translations of order-cs.com

Translations are represented with two pages in Italian and French.

Order CS com Centro di Assistenza Clienti (Italiano)

Order-cs.com avis (Français)

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