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Legitimate Pharmacy network observation leads you to make your purchase from time to time or new order via SalezHelp team at website. Our support group is eager to accompany you with sales help as mentioned.

To visit SalezHelp branch support pharmacy:

Canadian medicine prescriptions offerd by SalezHelp people are much unlike American prescriptions. They differ not in quality or safety, for both are put to equally strict quality control and approval processes. Although many drugs may have different trade names in two countries, they are still basically identical.

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American and Canadian prescription medicines really differ in the price. This price difference is reflective of the different way the prescription medicine trade is founded in relation to society. This may seem difficult, but it's not. To put it bluntly, in one culture, the pharmaceutical companies are financed by the citizens, and in another culture, they aren't.

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Order support provides phone number: +1 646 205 29 37. In addition, if you haven't understood yet, it's the Americans who are financing the pharmaceutical companies – they are buying medicines at the high prices that are demanded by these companies. But Canadian government doesn’t allow this to happen. By establishing price caps on medicine prescriptions in Canada, Canadian government successfully controls the prices of prescription medicines, avoiding their reaching the excessive prices that Americans have agreed themselves to pay via phone or online.

Tracking Number

Follow Account link, pick the purchase ID in the form menu, and later use the tracking number by clicking on it. Later on you get to see your current order status.

Note: If there are fewer postages, there will be a tracking ## for each pack.


Most American citizens suppose they don't have an option but to pay these high costs, but actually, they do. With the power of the internet, no problems, any American with their doctor's agreement can buy cheap prescription medicines in Canada. Surf the Internet and search for the most trustworthy online drugstore that you will consider to be suitable without any problem. Benefit from the Canadian medicine prescriptions right away!


Canadian online drugstore costs can be up to 80% lower than those of American drugstores but they charge in USD. What’s the matter? There are several reasons for that. The first is the policy of price caps of Canadian government on pharmaceuticals, which prevents the price of Canadian prescriptions from rising in USD.


The 2nd is that the patent life of Canadian medicines is shorter, which allows for less expensive, general counterparts to be produced sooner. This creates competition in the medicines market, reducing prices, and providing a benefit to the customer. For greater support get in touch with supervisor at In general, for medicines of the same quality - frequently simply with other brand name - Canadian customers pay less.

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Elaine Waller, Pharm.D.

Elaine Waller, Pharm.D.

Dr. Elaine Waller has substantial experience in domestic and international regulatory affairs, and in clinical research. Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance.Prior to joining Sonus Pharmaceuticals in July 2003, she was Chief Operating Officer at Radiant Research, a clinical site management organization. Dr. Waller’s previous experience includes senior positions in regulatory affairs and clinical research at Hoechst Marion Roussel and Marion Merrell Dow. She began her career in academia at the University of Texas at Austin where she held teaching positions in both graduate and undergraduate pharmacy education and was Assistant Director of Clinical Research at the Drug Dynamics Institute. Dr. Waller received a B.S. in Pharmacy and a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Missouri – Kansas City, and an M.B.A. from Rockhurst College.

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