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  • The main reason of women’s death over 65 is Heart attack. It takes over 500 000 women’s lifes every year!
  • Heart attack kills more women who are over 65, and even cancer can’t be compared with it!
  • Women are less suitable to live through heart attack than men
  • Every 5th woman has some form of cardiovascular disease.
  • After a woman goes through menopause, her chances to get heart disease grow up
  • Afro-American women have 60% of more possibility to die from coronary heart disease than white women.
  • Women with diabetes have possibility in 3 or 4 times more than men to develop heart disease. Diabetes makes the risk of a second heart attack double for women. is well-used contact support email for all sorts of questions from any customers. Is there a good news? Most cardiac risk can be minimized by changing your style of life to keep your heart strong, in spite of some risk factors such as personal family history of heart illness: Control your cholesterol. Limit foods with high cholesterol like: coconut, palmals, red meat, poultry, skin, eggs, whole-milk products, liver and soaked fats. Check your cholesterol level regularly. Do a blood test to check if you get into the risk group.

Eat right food. Keeping your weight under control is very important. If you have overweight, your heart and coronary system must work harder to attract blood to spare body tissue. More whole grains, vegetables and fruits are better foods for you. Domestic skinless fowl, fish and low-fat dairy products should be used too. Women with diabetes have double or triple possibilities to get heart attack, so these patients should be very attentive to their health. Exercise. To make you feel ok, we can recommend to do exercise, which will raise your cardiovascular power. You should control your weight and blood pressure. Control your blood pressure. It’s supposed that one of 4 adults has high blood pressure, or hypertension. You have a serious risk if you are Afro-American woman, Hispanic, middle-aged, elder, overweight, drink much. Women who take oral contraceptives, have also high blood pressure. A normal level of blood pressure is about 140/90: if you have higher levels, it means a high risk. You should avoid stress in your life, do exercise every day and be sure of not having more than 1100 milligrams to 3300 milligrams of sodium per day. You must ask your doctor for advice and he will prescribe you effective drugs to treat your blood pressure.

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