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Prescription reorders along with newer orders can be paid with any credit card via RX Support Center pharmacy network support-rx.com now. We are a widespread chain of Internet pharmacies offering generic medicines for sale online on behalf of www.support-rx.com. Reorder and check order status.

Support-RX Service network pharmacy:


Support-RX.com Service for Reorder (Discounted RX Refills)

Support RX Center at www.support-rx.com

Domains www.support-rx.com and rx-drugs-support.com are related to Support RX network of online pharmacies. The site rx-drugs-support.com provides the same for customer support and legitimate medical reviews plus additional reputation guides and tips by authoritative MD experts (http://www.rx-drugs-support.com) with no scam reports. Mailto link is also available: support@rx-drugs-support.com

The fame of United pharmacies providing Support RX Center is going so high, that many owners of local pharmacies take up the decision to build Internet websites for their business providing an opportunity for customers to purchase medicines online.


  • Extra low prices
  • Privacy + anonymity
  • Medical guides provided by PhD, MD, PharmD healthcare advisors
  • Convenience/Comfort

There are lots of benefits from RX Customer Support when purchasing drugs online. One of the most advantages facts why people choose to purchase medicines online is customers support comfort. Online pharmacies are more convenient ones. In the internet the only thing you need to do is type the medicine name and a number of companies will be listed providing medicine without scam. You need to select medicine and order for it. Then you should wait till the medications are delivered to you from a shop with tracking mail number.

The other benefit that an internet pharmacy provides the medicines at low rates. It does not require any establishment and maintenance cost of the company. It provides drugs at cheaper rates. Support-RX is to check your order status and reorder using our Support Center at http://www.support-rx.com or contact us via support@support-rx.com email.

www.support-rx.com Latest Performance Report

The domain was created on 2012-02-14. Paying a worthy visit to www.support-rx.com to determine the latest performance report and tech review of Support Rx content accessed from USA. Additionally, take a look at these attention-grabbing guides and tips, you most likely never looked into concerning Support-Rx.com

Support-rx.com Website Traffic and Information

Sonus Pharmaceuticals has aggregated information about www.support-rx.com (support-rx) to estimate the website traffic and much more. Check out support-rx.com's competition, determine ownership, see when the domain name support-rx.com was registered, compare related websites, view keywords, and check rankings.

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You will see technical Support-rx.com information about page loading time which was 1.2 sec. This is often quite an sensible result, as solely 35% of internet websites will load quicker.

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Support-rx.com needs to use HTTPS for more security. We have tried to make it useful both for experts and novices alike. Nobody likes a slow support-rx.com website. Web pages are becoming increasingly complex with more scripts, style sheets, images, and Flash on them. A first-time visit to a page may require several HTTP requests to load all the components.

Page SIZE came to around 229.7 kB.

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  • Registrant: Zhuhai Yingxun Keji Limited
  • Registrant Country: China (CN)
  • Registrar: Todaynic.com, Inc. IANA ID: 697 URL: — Whois Server: —
  • Domain Extension: .com
  • Registrar Status: clientTransferProhibited
  • Dates: Created on Created on 2012-02-14, more then 2,500 days old
  • Name Servers: NS1.SUPPORT-RX.COM (has 1 domain) NS2.SUPPORT-RX.COM (has 1 domain)
  • Tech Contact:
    Zhuhai Yingxun Keji Limited Zhuhai, GD, 519000, CN
  • IP Address: - 24 other sites hosted on this server
  • IP Location: Netherlands - Zuid-holland - Den Haag - Incrediserve Ltd
  • ASN: Netherlands AS29073 QUASINETWORKS, NL (registered May 26, 2003)
  • IP History: 128 changes on 128 unique IP addresses over 12 years
  • Registrar History: 5 registrars with 5 drops
  • Hosting History: 16 changes on 10 unique name servers over 13 years
  • Website Title:Customer Support — Order Search
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Support-RX Service

Another advantage of providing drugs online is of special offers and Support-RX Service for prescription. Broad ranges of generic drugs are provided by pharmacies online. When you browse on net you will find a list stating different prices for different medicines. People who maintain lengthy relation with online pharmacies will get drugs at cheaper rates and with more discount rates. They will also provide information on the drug their usage, any side effects, and even warnings.

It is to be known to people that Generic medicines also have the same active ingredient such as patented drugs with related Pharmacological effect and the same carries through, so their use is efficient and safe as by using modified ones. These Generic medications are mostly less expensive than procured ones because the cost of brand-name Drugs also include the business expenses as a rule, and they require large amounts of Money for setting up on the marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • The following site is indicated on my bank statement but i don't remember what i've bought. -- Please log in and you will see the site where your order was placed and the products bought.
  • What should I do if I haven’t received my order yet? -- First of all, check your shipping type. If it is Airmail it takes 2-3 business weeks, if it is EMS it takes 3-8 business days. Mind that the delivery can take a little longer because of delay at customs which doesn't depend on our delivery service. So don’t worry, anyway you will get your order. 99% of our customers successfully get their orders. If something goes wrong and your order is not received, please contact our customer care department.
  • When will my credit card be charged? -- As soon as you fill in the form at the checkout page and press the «Submit» button, the information is transmitted to our processing centre where it is checked and thus the credit card is charged. As soon as the payment is authorized, your order is approved and processed.
  • What should I do if I made an order and my credit card hasn’t been charged yet? -- If you have made an order and you see that your card hasn’t been charged yet, that means that by any reason we are unable to charge your card, please call your credit card company and ask them to permit this Internet transaction.
  • The following site is indicated on my bank statement but i didn't buy anything. -- Please contact our Customer Support Team and report a fraudulent charge. Please send us the sum, the date when your credit card was charged without your approval and credit card number. Please do not indicate your CVV2 and expiration date for reason of safety. Our billing department will consider the matter ASAP.

Support RX Pharmacy

Support RX pharmacy is online drugstore selling pharmaceutical OTC agents (without a prescription) with no doctor seeing. There is the main problem with network pharmacies caused by link disappearance. One day a regular customer finds out that his website does not exist any longer and a link to the online pharmacy is not operative. A collection of front pages is offered here for your convenience so that you can recognize the drugstore where you previously ordered your medicine.

support RX pharmacy 1
support RX pharmacy 2
support RX pharmacy 3
support RX pharmacy 4
support RX pharmacy 5

Support-RX.com Reorders

Support-RX is to check your order status and reorder

If you are for the first time taking the medication orders through the internet then the most important thing is to select a trustworthy pharmacy. For this make a research to find whether a pharmacy is legal or not? As many pharmacies are providing medications through online don’t neglect to read the reviews on websites.

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