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Erectile Dysfunction

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Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

ED Causes

Although more often erectile dysfunction is caused because of some underlying physical problems yet the psychogenic factors behind the occurrence of erectile dysfunction can not be totally ruled out. About 10% to 20% of all the cases of erectile dysfunction occur because of some psychogenic factors behind them. In some cases of erectile dysfunction the psychological cause may date back to the childhood of a person. He may be unconsciously or consciously still under the shock of some childhood abuse or sexual trauma. A man has to be totally at peace and in relaxed mood at the time when he engages in his sex act. Here are some psychogenic factors which lead to the erectile dysfunction in men, though temporary.


In today's fast life a man may be under tremendous stress which can affect his sexual performance. The stress can be because of some tension related to his job, stress related to his money and finances or even rough patch in his marital life. All these things can bring stress in the life of a man causing erectile dysfunction.


Once a man experiences momentary failure to achieve erection he may become anxious regarding his sexual performance which further aggravates the problem. Thus at times anxiety in its own way plays a vital role in causing erectile dysfunction.


Some times the pressure of not being able to satisfy one's partner fills the mind and heart of that person with guilt. And with guilt the pressure of not being able to perform to one's satisfaction further increases the problem.


Depression is a common cause for erectile dysfunction which affects a man physically as well as psychologically. Sometimes certain drugs used to treat depression also cause the condition of erectile dysfunction.

Low Self Esteem

This can be due to prior episodes of ED (thus a feeling of inadequacy) or can be the result of other issues unrelated to sexual performance.


Indifference towards sexual relations may crop up in the later ages of a man's life. It may be because of the reduced interest in sex or because of the increasing age. This can be either because of the results of some medication or it may be because of some strain in the relationship of the couple.

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ED Causes

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